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Job Posting Rules

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  • Posting job openings on this website is for WSHHRA members only. If you are interested in joining WSHHRA, please contact the Membership Chair
  • Sending job postings on behalf of non-member organizations is not allowed
  • There is a maximum of 3 HR positions allowed at one time per member organization
  • Positions must be human resources/healthcare-related
    • For example: HR Director, HR Generalist/Specialist, Personnel Assistant, HR Coordinator, Business Partner, HR Analyst, Benefits Administrator, Recruiter, Employee Relations, etc.
  • Be sure to include pertinent information in the ad (position title, description, required qualifications, organization address, hiring contact information, etc.)
  • You may wish to include a logo and web address that can be hyperlinked to your company's employment page
  • Please don't send job descriptions or content longer than 1 full page of text. The postings should be advertisements, and the interested applicant can link to your website for a full description
  • Send your ad in an attached Word document or PDF file
  • Please have your ad proofed and formatted the way you want it to look, but be aware that formatting changes may be necessary
  • Positions will stay posted for 30 days, unless you request to have the posting pulled
  • Please allow a few days' processing time
  • If edits need to be made, please resend an entirely new copy
  • Email job postings to Lisa McDaniel, Website Director for the Washington State Healthcare Human Resources Association, at


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